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Bifrost initiative offers life coaching services.  These services are tailored to each client’s goals, problems and needs. A typical customer will request weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions. Coaching services can also be requested on an as needed basis
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Are you in transition? Whether you’re looking to make a career change, or you’re facing a significant life transition. Transitions bring up stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, all of which have the tendency to set us on edge and make us feel as though we need to talk things through…over and over again.  Enter a life coach. This is a great time to seek out the support you need to seamlessly and effectively transition into your next steps of life with positivity

Life Coaching is a life-changing experience that can help you identify and develop your TRUE potential and help you discover ways to reach your personal and professional goals.

Life Coaching can help you transform your ordinary lives into  extraordinary ones.